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This past weekend, the Six Foot team came together to support an amazing cause. The Six Foot "All in for ALS Poker Tournament" celebrated its 14th year with a full house of poker players and fans supporting the ALS association of Texas in its effort to provide help, support, and hope to those facing this disease. The event is a local favorite, and got its name by chance a few years ago. Before the first hand of cards was dealt, someone stood up and proclaimed he was "All in for ALS," and true to his word, he put all of his chips on an unknown hand, with an unknown flop, and unknowingly started a tradition that has continued year after year.

From packaging poker chips and wrapping prizes for tourney winners, to helping with event planning and setup, Six Footers were all in, too. On the big day, volunteers arrived in their bright yellow shirts, ready to create the best experience possible for players. They took rebuys and add-on purchases for chips throughout the day, handed out water, and cheered on the players. We even had a small crew of our Six Foot team playing in the tournament!

This was my second year playing in the Tournament. Last year, I did considerably better, going out late in 70th or so. This year, lady luck was not smiling on me, and I went out before the first break. During the short amount of time I was playing, however, I met a guy named Justin who actually won the first hand with just an ace - not a single player at our 10-seat table had anything better. Justin explained to me that a few years back, his grandfather passed away from ALS, and that he was profoundly proud to participate in an event that supports a cause so close to his heart. When I told him how I came to be there, he thought it was remarkable that a studio focused on making video games would take up a cause that meant so much to him personally. Justin was so empowered by his rather large stack of chips that it was hard to get him on a bluff, so as fate would have it, my new friend became my worst foe. He called me on every bluff, and ultimately, took my last chip. Honestly, I can't think of a better person to lose a hand to than someone who truly knows what it is like to go "all in for ALS."

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 All in for ALS Poker Tournament:

1st Place: Michael Nicol 2nd Place: Jake Eberly 3rd Place: Bobby Ware (our very own Six Footer!)

We'd also like to express a HUGE thank you to the entire volunteer and organizational staff who brought this wonderful event to life. And to those who battle this terrible disease, our thoughts are with you… Six Foot is All in for ALS!

If you would like to donate to the cause, please visit

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